"Yankee Lady" Jacket
100 Mission A-2 Jacket
Afternoon Departure at Stoney Point Light
Air Zoo - Plush Toys
The B-3 Hooded Sheepskin Flight Jacket
Zeppelin "Hindenburg"
“I’m the 82nd Airborne Division!”: A History of the All American Division in World War II After Action Reports
"A New Beginning" with USS Missouri teak decking
"And the Legend Flies On"
"Angela" with the B-17 Flying Fortress
"Angela" with the R.A.F. Mosquito
"Antique Lamb" A-2 Jacket
"Antique Lamb" A-2 Jacket (Imported)
"Antique Lamb" A-2 Jacket (Long)
"B-15" 1943 Replica Issue Jacket
"B-15" 1943 Replica Issue Jacket

"Bear is Back"
"Brooke" with the P-51 Mustang
"Chasing Gold"
"Cloud Dancer"
"Columbia" on Launch Pad - Joe Engle
"Columbia"... Mission Accomplished - Joe Engle
"Eventual Friends"
Gen. Gunther Rall and Col. Hub Zemke

"Fear Nothing"
"First Win"
"Flying Tigers" 23rd Fighter Group Jacket
"Handcrafted" Wood & Silk Models
"Hey Pard, You'll get a Free Steak at Pancho's Tonight"
"Jen" with the P-40 Warhawk
"Jenna" with the P-47 Thunderbolt
"Karolina" with the P-40 Warhawk
"Kelly" with the B-25
"Kelly" with the F4U Corsair
"Las Vegas Lady" A-2 "Good Luck Pin-Up" Jacket
"Liz" with the P-51 Mustang
NEW Artist!

"Low Down Brown"
"Miss Jager"
"Movie Heroes" Top Gun Navy G-1 Jacket
"Navy G-1 Full Cut" Jacket
Air Race Apparel

"Official" Race Team Shirt
"Original" Paintings & Drawings
"Paige" with the B-17 Flying Fortress
"Pin Up"Jackets
"Pylon Reflections"
"Rare Bear '07"
"Rare Bear 2009!"
"Red, White Lightnin' and Blue"
"Released" Shuttle Enterprise Landing Test

"Rikki" with the F4U Corsair
"Second Chance" A-2 "Good Luck Pin-Up" Jacket
"September Pops!"
"September's Fury"
"Shannon" with a Fairchild PT-26
"Skunkworks" - F-117 Nighthawk with Hal Farley
"Solo" B-25 Mitchell
"Solo" F4U Corsair
"Tammy" with the P-47 Thunderbolt
"Tammy" with the T-6 Texan
"Taz Want Gold"
"The Duel"
"The Formula Ones"
"The Ultimate Trainer" - Col. Rich Graham
"Voodoo 2009"
"Wanna Play?"
"White Lightnin' Forever"
"Winning Gold!"
1/10th Scale Nose
1/20th Scale Noses
100 Years "Goat" Collector
100 Years Dolphin Collector
100 Years Falcon Collector
100 Years HO-4S Historical Collector
100 Years The Martin PBM-5 Mariner
101st Airborne in Normandy: A History in Period Photographs
13th Fighter Command in World War II: Air Combat over Guadalcanal and the Solomons
1914 Farman
2 American Beauties
21 Seconds to Splash 5 – Steve Ritchie
29 Let's GO!
2nd Battle of Bull Run Map with Civil War bullet
365th Fighter Squadron in World WarII: In Action over Europe with the P-47
405th Bomb Squadron Mission to Dagua

50 Years of the U-2: The Complete Illustrated History of Lockheed’s Legendary “Dragon Lady”
501st Bomb Squadron’s Mission to Saigon – 28 April 1945

82nd Airborne in Normandy:: A History in Period Photos
9.Staffel/Jagdgeschwader 26: The Battle of Britain Photo Album of Luftwaffe Bf 109 Pilot Willy Fronhöfer
"A Planejunkie Exclusive!"

Framed Historical Collectibles

"NEW Designs!"
Aviation Jewelry

American Fighter Aces
(All Pilot Signed)

NEW Catagory!
Aviation Books

"Top Gun" Navy G-1 Jacket
A Bandit Goes Down
A Beautiful View
A Bold Leap
A Fire to be Lighted
A Flight of Bluebirds
A History of No. 10 Squadron: Royal Naval Air Service in World War I
A History of No.6 Squadron: Royal Naval Air Service in World War I
A Jewel in the Heavens
A Lesson From the Master
A Luftwaffe Bomber Pilot Remembers: World War II from the Cockpit
A New Dawn: Afghanistan
A New Frontier
A Pack of Trouble
A Pack of Trouble
(Pilot Signed)

A Presidential First
A Record for Russo - Michael T. Russo
A Stitch in Time
A-10 Thunderbolt II
A-10A Thunderbolt II
A-12 "Oxcart" in Flight
A-12 above the Clouds (2 Signatures)
A-12 above the Clouds - Bob Gilliland
A-12B "Titanium Goose"
A-2 Flight Jackets
A6M Zero
A6M2 Zero "Tora" Pearl Harbor Attack panel
AB to go, Stick on the Side
About The American Fighter Aces
About the Artist
Jerry Moran

Abraham Lincoln with Civil War Eagle button
ACC Bomber Triad: The B-52s, B-1s, and B-2s of Air Combat Command
Ace's of the Eighth Fighter Group
Achtung Spitfire
Action Over Salamaua
Adding Insult to Injury
Adolf Galland - Collectors Trilogy

Adolf Galland's Lobster Flight (Pilot Signed)
NEW Artist!

Adversary:: America’s Aggressor Fighter Squadrons
Aerial Firefighting
Aero Mechanics Mate Metal Sign
After the Mission

Age of Chivalry
AH-1 Super Cobra
AH-64 Apache Clock
AH-64D Apache Longbow
Air Afrique De Bamako
Air Afrique En Avion
Air Armada
Air Atlas
Air Canada A340
Air Canada Airbus
Air Force Hero Bear

Air Force Iron Cross Metal Sign
Air Force One
Air Force Pinup
Air Force Reflections
Air Force Round Banner Metal Sign
Air Jamaica B727 Nose, 1:20
Air Race Art
Air Race Collectibles
Air Race Furniture and Sculpture
Air Speed Thermometer
Air Trails
Air Tran B-737 Nose, 1:20
Air Travel
Air Union
Air War 1918 - Fokker E.V / D.VIII
Airborne 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment
a-2 Leather Jacket (Horsehide)

Airborne All The Way Vintage Metal Sign
Aircraft Histories of the Ling-Temco-Vought A-7 Corsair II
Aircraft of the Luftwaffe Fighter Aces Vol. 2
Aircraft of the Luftwaffe Fighter Aces Vol. I
Airplane Nose: Your Choice!
Alan Bean Biography
Alaska B737
Alaska C-130
Alaskan Farewell
Alcohol Busters
Alitalia B-747 Nose, 1:50
All Americans Vintage Metal Sign
All Cotton "100 Mission" A-2

All Other Styles
Allison Block Desk
Altimeter Desk Alarm Clock
Altimeter Desk Clock and Pen Set
Altimeter Desk Pen Set
Altimeter Wall Clock
Aluminum Airship
American "Retro" B-757 Nose, 1:20**
American B707 "Retro"
American B727 "Retro"
American Beauty (Ltd. Ed. Panel)
American Gold
American Paratroopers
American Volunteer Group in China

An American Success Story
An Omen
An Omen
Andy Wenner
Answered Prayers
Anticipation Necklace
Anticipation Necklace
Any Airline B-737 / B-727, 1:20
Any Airline B-747, 1:50
Any Airline B-757, 1:20
Any Airline DC-7, 1:15
Anything, Anywhere, Anytime
Apollo Capsule signed by Buzz Aldrin
Apollo Capsule signed by Charlie Duke
Apollo to the Moon
Approaching the Hub
Army Hero Bear

Around the World Mobile
Art Deco Flight Clock
Artificial Horizon Wall Clock
Assault on Damn Yankee (Pilot Signed)
Authentic AN-J-4 Cold Weather Shearling Jacket
Autour Du Monde
Autumn Gold
Avenging Strike
Avianca B-747 Nose, 1:50
Aviation & Space Posters
Aviation Art
Aviation Clocks
Aviation Decor
Aviation Gasoline Oval Metal Sign
Aviation Gasoline Round Metal Sign
Aviation Gifts Under $50
Aviation Lighting
Aviation Shelves

Aviation Shelves

Avro 504 First Day Envelope
Avro Lancaster
AWAC Clock
Axis Nightmare
B-17 and B-24 Clock
B-17 Flying Fortress
B-17 Flying Fortress
B-17 Fog Clock
B-17 Nude Clock
B-17 Redhead
B-2 Spirit
B-24 First Day Envelope
B-24 Liberator
B-24D Ploesti Raid signed by Walter Stewart
B-25 Mitchell
B-25 Mitchell
B-25 Mitchell "Tailgunner"
B-25B Mitchell Bomber Signed by Richard Cole
B-26 Widow Maker
B-29 "Enola Gay" with 2 Signatures
B-29 Bomber Clock
B-29 Superfortress
B-29 Superfortress
B-36 - Peacemaker in Flight - Beryl Erickson
B-36 Peacemaker - Rear View w/ Beryl Erickson
B-36 Peacemaker Rear View
B-47 - At the Ready - "Tex" Johnston
B-47 - Cold War Defense - "Tex" Johnston
B-47 Stratofortress
B-47 Stratojet in Flight
B-47 Stratojets Ready for Service
B-47E Stratojet
B-52 Stratofortress Clock
B-58 Hustler
B-58 Hustler
B-58 on Takeoff - Beryl Erickson
B-9 Authentic American Shearling Jacket
B17 Redhead Metal Sign
B2 Bomber Spirit
Bader's Bus Company (10 Signatures)
Bader's Bus Company
(3 Signatures)

Balance Toys
Balloons & Zeppelins
Barnstormer #1 Propeller
Barnstormer #2 Propeller
Barnstormer #3 Propeller
Barnstormer Pencil Sketch
Barnstormer Propeller Rack
(Shown with Propellers)

Barnstormers Vintage Metal Sign
Barnstormers Vintage Metal Sign
Barrie A.F. Clark
Bats out of Hell
Battle of Britain Vintage Metal Sign
Battle of Britain Vintage Metal Sign
Battle of Gettysburg Map with Civil War bullet
Beautiful Lass
Beautiful Lass Earrings
Beech 18
Bell X-2
Bell X-2 in Supersonic Flight
Bell X-3 Stiletto
Belle Homewardbound (Pilot Signed)
Best On Deck (Pilot Signed)
Beyond A Young Boy´s Dream
BF109 Trop Gustav Clock
Big Beautiful Doll
Big Beautiful Doll Clock
Big Brass Ones
Big Hog
BIG HOG Over Bagana
Bill Barnes Vintage Covers
Billy F-18
Biplane Detail
Bird of Paradise
Birth of a Fighter Legend
Black Flight Triplanes
Black Hibiscus - Hawaiian Aviation Shirt
Black Jack Earrings
Black Phantom
Black Sheep
Black Sheep Squadron
Black Sky, White Lightnin'
Black Stallions Patrol
Blackbird over the Rockies - Bob Gilliland
Blackjacks New Scouts
Blonde Bomber Earrings
Rabaul, 2 November, 1943

Blue Hibiscus - Hawaiian Aviation Shirt
Blue Max
Blue Max with Remarque
Blue Water Ops
Bob Byerley
Bob Byerley Bio
Bob Hoover with his Sabreliner
Bocks Car
BocksCar Necklace
at Y-29

Boeing 314 Dixie Clipper
Boeing 747-400 Flight Deck
Boeing 777 Flight Deck
Boeing News - April 1943
Boeing News - B-29 Nose Art Gallery
Boeing News - February 1944
Boeing News - Five Grand
Boeing News - For Offense!
Boeing News - June 1943
Boeing News - Triple Cover
Bomber Jackets
Bombs Away Baby!
Bombs Away Clock
Bonne Chance
Booby Trap
Books & Videos
Bound for Home
Braniff B727 Red "Jellybean"
Breathe Easier
Briefing Time (Ltd. Ed. Panel)
Bringin' It Downtown
Bristol Fighter Clock
Bristol Fighters
Bryan Snuffer
Bryan Snuffer Biography
Burn it Down

Burt Mader
Butch...Medal of Honor
High above the USS Lexington, on 20 February, 1942

By Force and Valor
C-130 Hercules
C-130 Pencil Drawing w/ Inset
C-17 Globemaster III
C-17 Globemaster Sillouette
C-47 "Band of Brothers" signed by William "Wild Bill" Guarnere
Cactus Air Force-
Putting Louie the Louse out of Business

Cactus Scramble
Cactus Scramble
(Pilot Signed)

CAG Cat Sunset
California Clipper
Camera Shy Necklace
Can Do
Canadian Classics
Canadian Component (E-3)
Canberra First Day Envelope
Capt. Blackburn's Big Hog F4U
(Pilot Signed)

Carolina Moon
Carolina Moon Necklace
Catamounts In The Heat Of Battle
Caught in the Widow's Web

Charles H. Older
Charles Thompson
Chasing the Daylight
Check Back - Coming Soon
Check Six!
Children's Bomber Jackets
Chocolate Mouse
Christmas Eve
Christmas Over Rangoon
Circus Rolls at Dawn
Civil & Other
Civil Aircraft
Classic Instrument Coasters
Cliff Kearns
Clipper Stargazer
Cloudbuster Airlines
Coast Guard Rescue
Col. Ralph S. Parr
Cold War Warriors
(Pilot Signed)

Cold Warrior (EC-135H)
Combat Lancer
Combat Leaders (Pilot Signed)
Combat Over London
Combat Over the Reich
Comet Over Oshkosh
Coming Home
Coming Home Soon
Connies on Patrol (RC-121D, EC-121H and an EC-121R)
Conrad Gordon and Bean The Fantasy
Consolidated Liberator
Continental "Retro" B-737 Nose, 1:20
Continental B-737 Nose, 1:20
Continental B707
Continental B737
Continuing the Legacy (E-3 Sentry)
Convair B-58 Clock
Corsair Blue Pedal Plane
Corsair Pencil Sketch
Craig Kodera
Craig Kodera Biography
Crew... of the Memphis Belle - Bob Morgan
Crimson Doom
Cripes A' Mighty
Cripes A' Mighty 3rd
Cub Country

Customer Comments
CWU-55P, Cold Weather Jacket
Cylinders Wine SOLD

D-18 Beechcraft Clock
D-Day - A New Dawn for Europe
(Pilot Signed)

D-Day Dakota
D-Day Dakota
D-Day Doll Necklace
D-Day Utah Beach signed by survivor Herbert Moore
Daddy’s Girl Necklace
Dagger's Glare
Daisy Mae Necklace
Dancing in the Dark
Danger! Lightning Nearby
Dangerous Skies
Dangerous Symphony
Darby Perrin
Darby Perrin Biography
Darlin Dolly Necklace
Darrell White
Dauntless Courage
(Pilot Signed)

David Gray
David Mueller
David Poole
Dawn Departure
Dawn of Aviation
Dawn of the Liberators
Deadly Duo (Pilot Signed)
Deblinski Squadron
DeHavilland Dh10 First Day Envelope
Delta B737
Denali Summer
Descendants of the Red Baron
Desert Sentry (E-3)
Desert Storm to Present
Desktop DC-3
Detroit Miss
Deutsche Zepplin Clock
Devil Boat-PT191
Dh-9a First Day Envelope
DHL B727
Diamonds in the Sky
Dirty Dora Earrings
Dirty Dora Earrings with Rivets
DISCOVERY - The Secret of Brunei Bay
Domenic DeNardo
Domenic DeNardo Biography
Don Feight
Don Kloetzke
Doolittle Raid signed by Dick Cole
Doolittle Raid signed by Dick Cole with B25 metal skin
Doolittle Raiders Clock
Doolittle Wins Again
Doom Patrol
Dora 9 Green Hearts
Double Trouble Necklace
Downed Bird
Drachen Slayer
Dru Blair
Duel at Kokaj Rock
Duel at Kokaj Rock
Duel in the Sun
Dusty Ayres and his Battle Birds
E-2D Hawkeye
Eagle Attack
Eagles Prey - Carroll W. McColpin
Early 'Birds
Early Launch
Early Launch with Crew Signatures
East Meets West
Eastern B727
Eastern DC-7B Nose, 1:20
Echo's Thru Time
Endeavour Flight
Enduring Eddie
Engaging the Enemy
Enola Gay
Enola Gay nose signed by Dutch Van Kirk
Escape from Cape Moem
(Pilot Signed)

Esnault - Peltrie
Evening Joyride
Evening Return
Evening Star
Ever Vigilant
Eye Candy
Eyes of Eagles
F-104 Formation - Tony LeVier

F-104 Starfighter Formation
F-104 with Tony LeVier

F-106 Delta Dart Intercept
F-117 - The Beginning of a New Era
F-117 - The Beginning of a New Era ( 2 Signatures)
F-117 Nighthawk
F-117 Nighthawk over the Mountains
F-14 Tomcat
F-14A Tomcat Plus
F-15 Eagle
F-15 Eagle
F-15 Edwards AFB
F-15 Formation
F-16 (Thunderbirds)
F-16 Fighter Pilot
F-16 Fighting Falcon
F-18 Hornet (Blue Angels)
F-22 - Partners in Defense - First Pilot Dave Ferguson
F-22 - Supersonic Halo - First Pilot Dave Ferguson
F-22 Raptor with Supersonic Halo
F-22 Raptors in Flight
F-4 Phantom (Air Force)
F-4 Phantom (Navy)
F-4 Phantom Clock
F-4 Phantom on Ramp
F-4 Sundowners Clock
F-4U Corsair
F-80 Shooting Star
F-86 Sabre
F-9F Panther
F/A-18D Hornet
F/A-22 Raptor
F4D-1 Skyrays of VF(AW)-3
F4U Corsair
F4U Corsair
F4U Corsair Nude
F6F Hellcat
F8F-2 Bearcat
Fairey Fox First Day Envelope
Falcon AMU
Fallen Luftwaffe
Fallen Sun
Fantasy Flyer Pink Pedal Plane
Farewell Old Friends
Faster Than a Speeding Bullet (Pilot Signed)
Feeding on the Legend
Feelin' Fine
Feet Wet
Felix 101
Fence Check
Fifth Victory - Douglass Campbell
Fill Up for the Cadillac
Fill up for the Cadillac
Final Analysis
Final Approach to Home
First American Ace (Version 1)
First American Ace (Version 2)
First Blood - David "Tex" Hill
First Boots on the Ground
First Day Envelopes
First Hit at Midway
First Kill
First Man on the Moon
First Marine Ace – Marion E. Carl
First Men: Neil A. Armstrong
First of a new Breed - Press Proof
First of the Few
First of the Spacemen
First Re-Entry (Pilot Signed)
First Sting – James F. Luma
First Trap
First Victory - George Vaughn
Fish Tales at Beaver Camp
Fist Full of Throttles NEW!

Flaming Fury Earrings
Flashes in the Sky
Flight Mobile, 1920
Flight of Fancy
Flight of Freedom
Flir Cat
Fly Fast
Fly to South America
Flyin' is the Pitts
Flying A Original Round Metal Sign
Flying A Original Vintage Metal Sign
Flying Ace - Balance Toy
Flying Banana
Flying Boat
Flying Boat
Flying Circus - Fighter Sweep at Tadji Drome
Flying Fiends
Flying High
Flying High
(w/o title)

Flying High
(with title)

Flying Machine
Flying Tanks
Flying Tiger
Flying Tigers Winged Oval Metal Sign
Focke-Wulf Clock
Fokker DR-1 Iron Cross Metal Sign
Fokker Triplane (Red Baron)
Fool’s Paradise Earrings
Ford Trimotor
Fortresses Engaged
Foundation of America’s Air Power
Framed - Aviation Minis
Framed Aviation Photographs
Framed Hardwood Plaques NEW!
Framed One of a Kind Items
Francis Gary Powers with the U-2
Free Enterprise (Pilot Signed)
Freedom's Guardian Angel
From Sabre to Raptor
Front Row Seats (Pilot Signed)
Fuel State Critical - Outcome in Doubt
Functional Plane Sculpture
Fuselage Light SOLD

Fw 190 D-13/R11 Yellow 10
G-1 Flight Jackets
Gallant Beginning
Gand Canyon Lightning

Gee Bee #11 Speedster
Gee Bee Sportsters
Gee Bee Squadron Mobile
Gemini IV Capsule signed by James McDivitt
Gemini Twins
Gen. Gunther Rall and Col. Hub Zemke - Eventual Friends
Gen. Robin Olds in Flight Suit
General Aviation, Light Aircrafts
General Lee with Civil War bullet
Geoffrey Page Little Willie Hurricane Mk I
German Paratroopers
Ghostriders over Afghanistan (AC-130U)
Gil Cohen
Glamorous Glennis

Glamouras Necklace
Global Workhorse
Globe Mobile
Gold Cup Roll
"50th Anniversary Edition"

Golden Age of Fight Test
Golden Dragon
Golden Dragon
Golden Falcon Jet
Golden Globe
Gooney Bird Pencil Sketch
Great Catalina Take Off
Great Escape
Greetings from the AVG

Greetings From the Wolfpack
Grey Ghost
Ground Zero
Grumman F-14 Tomcat
Guardians of the Atlantic Wall
Gunfight Over Rabaul

Gunfighters of the New West
Guns Hot (AC-119G)
Gutten Tag!
Habu 972 at Mach 3.0
Hairless Joe
Hal Farley with the F-117 Nighthawk
Halifax First Day Envelope
Hawaiian Aviation Shirts
Hawk of Haleiwa (Pilot Signed)
Heartland Express
Heather with the B-17
Heavenly Body (Ltd. Ed. Panel)
Heavenly Body Bracelet
Heavenly Body Necklace
Heavenly Reflections
Heinkel III Clock
Heinz Guderian Tank Clock
Heinz Krebs
Hellcat's Breakfast
Hellcats Over Tarawa
Helldiver Clock
Hello Universe
Hell’s Belle Necklace
Helping Hand
Here's A Toast
Heyford First Day Envelope
High Bomb Blast - F-16 Thunderbirds
High Flight
High Flight
High Magnitude of Bravery
High Noon Over Alicante
Hit Parader Cufflinks
Hit Parader Earrings
Hitch Hiker Earrings
Hog Driver
Hold 'Til the Last Round
Home for the Holidays
Home To Halesworth
Homecoming Queen
Horse of a Different Color
Hostages of Hate
Hostile Sky
Hot Air Balloon Blue (Lrg)
Hot Air Balloon Blue (Sml)
Hot Air Balloon Green (Lrg)
Hot Air Balloon Green (Sml)
Hot Air Balloon Light Red (Sml)
Hot Air Balloon Rainbow (Lrg)
Hot Air Balloon Rainbow (Sml)
Hot Air Balloon Red (Lrg)
Hot Air Balloon Red (Sml)
Hot Air Balloon Yellow (Lrg)
Hot Air Balloon Yellow (Sml)
How to Measure for your
NEW Jacket

How to Measure for your NEW Jacket
Howards Air Racer
Hub Zemke
Hurricane Force
I Am The Guard
I-Phone Radial Engine Piston Dock

If Only I Could Fly
In the Company of Heroes
In The Mood
Inspection Party
International Traveler
Into the Arms of the Dragon
Into the Fray
Into the Heart of Darkness
Into the Night
Into the Storm
Invitation to Flight
Is Anyone Out There?
Island Mist - Hawaiian Aviation Shirt
Iwo Jima Flag Raising signed by survivor Mahlon Fink
Iwo Jima – The Life Raft
Iwo Jima, the First Flag
J-Stars (E-8C)
Jack Fellows
Jack Fellows Biography
James Dietz
James Dietz Biography
Jenny (Flying Circus)
Jenny (Red)
Jenny JN-7H

Jerry Crandall
Jerry Crandall Biography
JG 26 The Abbeville Kids (Pilot Signed)
JG 301 Staff Flight Ta 152
JG 52 - Kampagne im Osten
JG 54 Green Hearts
(Pilot Signed)

JG 7 Me 262 (Pilot Signed)
Jody Sjogren
Joe Engle with the X-15
Joe Engle with the X-15
Joe Kline
Joe Kline Biography
John Doughty
John Fehringer
John Shaw
John Young
John Young Leaps into History
Johnie Johnson
Joint Strike Fighters
Jolly Rogers
Joseph Szady
Joy Rider Earrings
JU 87-B Clock
Junkers JU 88A-4 Clock
Just Airborne, At Sea
Just Short of Dover
Keep Em Flying Metal Sign
Keep Her Flying Metal Sign
Keith Ferris
Keith Ferris Biography
Kennedy Space Center
Kentucky Thoroughbred
Kick Off
Kicking the Hornets Nest (CMOH Edition)
Killer Bees Metal Sign
Killer Bees Vintage Metal Sign
King Kong
Kings of the Castle
Kitten and the Bears
KLM B737
L-19 Bird Dog
La Cherie Bracelet
Lady Luck
Lady Pioneer Metal Sign
Lady Pioneer Vintage Metal Sign
Lagoon Blue - Hawaiian Aviation Shirt
Lakebed Liftoff (Pilot Signed)
Lan Chile B-707 Nose, 1:20
Larry McManus
(Photographic Murals)
NEW Artist!

Larry McManus Biography
Larry Selman
Last Dance of the Hussar
Last Hot Flight
Last Man Home
Last Man Standing
Last One Home
Last Victory - Ray Brooks
Last Word
Very Low Inventory

Lavochkin La-7 Ivan N. Kozhedub (Pilot Signed)
Lazy Lady
Le Autograph
Le Marriage
Learn to Fly Oval Metal Sign
Learoy's Airplane
Let's Roll 23rd FG
LHX Armed Reconnaissance
Liberator Winged Oval Metal Sign
Lightning at Bourheim
Lightning Gold
Lightning Strike...The Edge of the Storm
Lightning Strikes Twice F-4B Phantom II (Pilot Signed)
Lightning Winged Oval Metal Sign
Lightnings in the MTO
Lil De Icer Earrings
Lindbergh Clock
Lindbergh's Secret
(Pilot Signed)

Linebacker II . . . .The High Road to Hanoi
Little Gem Earrings
Loaded Dice Necklace
Lockheed Alcor Duo-Six
Lockheed Legends
(Pilot Signed)

Lockheed Skunkworks Clock
London's Daily Express, May 8, 1945
London's Daily Mail, May 8, 1945
Lone Ranger
Lone Star
Lone Survivor
Long Range View
Looky Looky Bracelet
Low Level Lightning
Lt. Joel B. Paris
Lucky Lady
Lucky Strike
Lucky Strike Men’s Bracelet
Lunar Grand Prix
M-21 with D-21 Drone Side View
M-21 with the D-21 Drone
M-21 with the D-21 Drone (Head On) - Bill Park
M-21 with the D-21 Drone (Side View) - Bill Park
MA-1 Jacket
Made in the USA Metal Sign
Maiden Voyage
Marianas Turkey Shoot
Marine Hero Bear

Mark Karvon
Mark Karvon Biography
Matching Collections
Matt Hall
Matt Hall Biography
Maximum Assist!
Maximum Assist! - Sepia
Maytag Messerschmitts
McChord Country
Meeting D' Aviation Nice
Memphis Belle
Memphis Belle
Memphis Belle Crew
Memphis Belle Winged Oval Metal Sign
Men From the Planet Earth
Mercury (E6-B)
Mercury Capsule signed by Scott Carpenter
Merlin's Stroke-SOLD

Merlins Magic
Messerschmitt 262-A Clock
Messerschmitt Clock
Messerschmitt Winged Oval Metal Sign
Metamorphosis V: Man O' War
Metamorphosis VI: Blackbird
Metamorphosis VII: Dominant Raptor
Metaphor I: The First Labor of Hercules
Metaphor II: A Mighty Fortress
Metaphor III: With Wings Like Eagles
Meteorite with Authentic Meteorite Fragment
Miami Clipper
Miami Clipper Earrings
Michael Short
Michael Turner
MiG Sweep
Mike Machat
Mike Machat Biography
Military & Space Art
Military (Foreign)
Military Art
Military Celebrations & Ceremonies
Military Helicopters
Military Helicopters II
Milk Run to Kyushu
Milk Run to Kyushu
Million $ Baby
Minsi III
Misc. Artists/Photographers
Miss .44 Clock
Miss Behavin’ Asymmetrical Necklace
Miss Behavin’ Bracelet
Miss Behavin’ Collar Necklace
Miss Behavin’ Necklace
Miss Behavn’ Earrings with Rivet
Miss Behavn’ with Hematite Earrings
Miss Slipstream (B-17G)
Miss Virginia
Missing Man Salute
Mission Accomplished - Rex T. Barber
Mission Plus 10
Mission to Babo
Mission to Balikpapan
Mission to Iwo Jima - 15 June, 1944
Mister Lucky (B-17G)
Misty Marauder
Mit Junkers Clock
Models, Props Toys & Gifts
Modern Aircraft
Modern Instrument Coasters
Modern Warplanes
Moon Rovers
Moonlight Cocktail Necklace
Morales of Samerra
Morning Calm
Morning Glory
Mosquito MKII Clock
Mud in Your Eye
Mud in Your Eye
Mustang Ace
Mustang Mayhem
Mustang Ode to a Classic
Mustang Winged Oval Metal Sign
Mustangs Over the Mediterranean
My Susie Bracelet
Narrow Escape
NASA Space Shuttle "Columbia" Landing
National Air Races Winged Oval Metal Sign
Naval Body (Ltd. Ed. Panel)
Navy Hero Bear

Navy Iron Cross Metal Sign
Need a Lift?
Net Results Necklace
New Sounds in an Ancient Canyon
Next Generation
Nice Air Show Metal Sign
Nicolas Trudgian
Nicolas Trudgian Biography
Night Departure
Night Drop
Night of Reckoning - Bin Laden Raid
Night Prowler Necklace
Night Prowler Necklace (Women’s)
Night Prowler Necklace with Brass
Night Victory – Guy P. Bordelon
Nine O Nine
Nine O Nine Metal Sign
Nine O Nine Vintage Metal Sign

Nixon Galloway
Nixon Galloway Biography
No Quarry Today
(Pilot Signed)

No Safe Haven
Nooky Booky
Normandy Tiger Hunt
North American B737
Northrop Black Widow Clock
Northwest B727
Northwest Passage
Nose Art Clock
Nose Art Panels
Novelty Plane Pendant NEW!
Nowhere to Hide
Nowhere to Hide
Nowotny's Final Encounter
O'Dark Thirty (E-3 Sentry)
Off the Beach
Official USAF 21st Century A-2 Jacket
Official USAF 21st Century A-2 Jacket (Long)
Oh Brother Earrings
Old Crow
On the Deck Over Scotland
On the Edge of Night
On the Prowl
On Top of the World Globe
On Wings and a Prayer
Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger
One for the Big Friends – Francis S. Gabreski
One Heck of a Deflection Shot
One of a Kind & Secondary Market Prints
One Small Step
NEW Artist!

One-of-a-Kind Items
Orbit Achieved
Ordeal in Vitiaz Strait
Ordeal of the USS Houston
Ordeal of the USS Houston
Our Gal Sal
Out for Trouble
Out of the Blue
Out of the Ordinary
Out on a Limb
Over and Above
Overflying the Rockies
P-38 Drawing Clock
P-38 Lightning
P-38 Lightning
P-38 Lightning - Tony Levier
P-38 Nude
P-38 Ocean Clock
P-38 Triplane Clock
P-39 Airacobra
P-39 Airacobra - Laurence "Bill" Craigie
P-40 (Relic Fuselage)
P-40 Warhawk
P-40 Warhawk
P-40 Warhawk Clock
P-47 Dogface Clock
P-47 Formation
P-47 Formation - "Hub" Zemke
P-47 Thunderbolt
P-47 Thunderbolt Nude Clock
P-51 "Old Crow" signed by Col. Bud Anderson with P51 metal skin
P-51 8th Air Force Clock
P-51 Black and White
P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang
P-51 Tags Clock
P-51C Tuskegee 'Kitten' signed by Charles McGee
P-51D Mustang "Old Crow" signed by Bud Anderson
P-80 Shooting Star
P51 Mustang with authentic P51 metal skin
P51 Pinup Vintage Metal Sign
Pacific Princess
Pacific Princess
Pacific Princess Earrings
Pacific Princess Necklace
Pacific Thunder
Palm Tree Blue - Hawaiian Aviation Shirt
Palm Tree Green - Hawaiian Aviation Shirt
Panel Clocks
Paul Rendel
Pawn Takes Castle
Pay Off (B-36)
PBY Aloha Clock
Peace Offering
Pearl Harbor B-3 Jacket, Sheepskin
Pedal Planes
Petie 2nd
Phantom! - Robin Olds
Philips Airplane Flush-Mount
Philips Airplane Mobile Light NEW!
Phillip West
Photo Fanny
Photo Fanny Necklace
Photo Recon
Piccadilly Lilly II
Pillar of Hercules
Pilot Gifts
Pirate's Bounty
Pist'L Packin' Mama
Pistol Packin’ Mama Earrings
Pitts S-2B
Place of Refuge
Plane Guy
Plane Jane Oval Metal Sign
Plane Pinup Oval Metal Sign
Play Misty
Poison Ivy Earrings
Pom Pom Necklace
Pony Express with Wings
Post WWII Fighters
Powering Freedom
Poyekhali! (Off We Go!)
Precision Bombing in the Upper Faria River Valley
Pride of Arizona
Pride of the Skunkworks ( 1 Signature)
Pride of the Skunkworks (2 Signatures)
Prince Charming Necklace
Prints & Autographs
Prints With Relics
Propeller Clock
PSA B727
Pudgy IV
Pursuit Section Instructors
Queenie Necklace
R.A. "Bob" Hoover and Ole Yeller
R.A. "Bob" Hoover with his Sabreliner
R.A. "Bob" Hoover with T-28 Trogan
R.A.F. Sheepskin Jacket
R.T. Smith
Radial Engine Piston Photo Frame
Raider Jacket

Rainier Encounter
Ralph Parr in his Flight Suit
Randall Scott
Randall Scott Bio
Raptor Dominance
Rauhbautz, Marie, Special Delivery Bonnie B
Raz’n Hell Earrings
Raz’n Hell Earrings
Raz’n Hell Necklace
Reaching for the Stars
(24 Astronaut Signatures)

Red Baron
Red Baron Pedal Plane
Red Baron, 1917 - Balance Toy
Red, White and Blue
Release the Hounds
Remove Before Flight - Boxxerz.
Remove Before Flight - Ladies Scoop Neck Shirt
Remove Before Flight - Ladies String T
Remove Before Flight - Long Bodied Shirt
Remove Before Flight - Men's T Shirt
Remove Before Flight - Night Shirt/cover-up
Remove Before Flight - Sweatpants
Remove Before Flight - Tie
Remove Before Flight Wear
Reno '64
Reno Gold - Poster
Reno Gold - The First Half Century

Reno Pylon Table-SOLD

Republic XR-12 Rainbow
Requiem for Torpedo Eight
Retiring the Colors
RETRIBUTION...Rex Barber and Yamamoto Isoroku meet over Bougainville
Return of the Red Tails
Returning Fire
Rhino Driver
Richard Taylor
Rick Herter
Rick Herter Biography
Ridge Runner
Right Stuff Field Geologists
Ringmaster Clock
Riot Call Cufflinks
Riot Call Earrings
Rising Force
Rising Into the Storm
Rising Sons
Robert Bailey
Robert Taylor
Robin Olds - After the Mission
Robin Olds after a Mission
Robin Olds in his Flight Suit
Rocket Hunters
Roland D.VIb"
Rolling In (AC-119K)
Ronald Wong
Rootin' Snootin'
Rosie the Riveter Clock
Ross Buckland
Ross Buckland Biography
Roy Grinnell
Rubys Fortress Metal Sign
Rubys Fortress Vintage Metal Sign
Rumbolds' Renegades
Ruptured Duck
Ruptured Duck (Ltd. Ed. Panel)
Russell Smith
Russell Smith Biography
Sack Time
Safe Harbor
Safe Haven
Salute to the Jolly Rogers
(Pilot Signed)

Sam Lyons
SBD-5 Dauntless Clock
Scat VII
Scooter Pencil Sketch
Scooter to Go!
Scorpion Three
Scotty’s Last Combat – Robert L. Scott
Scramble for the Marianas
Sea Foam Green - Hawaiian Aviation Shirt
Seabee on Step
Seafire Against the Sun
Seattle Post Intelligencer, May 8, 1945
Seattle Post Intelligencer, November 22, 1963
Seattle Times, July 24, 1969
See the Heat! - Bob Gilliland
See the Heat! - Rich Graham
See You Next August
Semper Paratus
Sentimental Journey
Sentimental Journey Metal Sign
Sentimental Journey Vintage Metal Sign
Seven Seas to Rio
Shadow in the Highlands
Shallow Water Lightning
Shark Attack Black Pedal Plane
Sheepskin Jackets
Shock Waves
Shomo - the "Natural"
Shoo Shoo Baby
Shooters Odds (Pilot Signed)
Showdown over Berierre – Ken H. Dahlberg
Shrinking Land
Shrinking Land
Signature Series
Silent Guns-Dauntless
Silver Pursuit Pedal Plane
Six Turnin' and Four Burnin' (Pilot Signed)
Sky Fighters
Sky King Pedal Plane
Sky Lady Earrings
Sky Lady Necklace
Skyraider Pencil Sketch
Slightly Dangerous Cufflinks
Slightly Dangerous Earrings
Slightly Dangerous Necklace
Slow Timing Bonnie-B
Snooks 2nd
Solitude Over the Grandure
Some Tools of Our Trade
Soon Distant Thunder
Artist Proof

Sopwith Camel
Sopwith Camel
Sopwith Camel (Large Transparent)
Sopwith Propeller (Lrg)
Sopwith Propeller (Sml)
Southwest Spirit B-737 Nose, 1:20
Southwest Spirit B737
Southwest Standard B737
Space Art
Space Art of Alan Bean
Space Explorers
Space Flight
Space Flight & Experimental
Space Rockets
Space Shuttle "Columbia" on the Launch Pad
Space Shuttle Enterprise Landing Test
Space Shuttle Landing Test
Space Shuttle Landing Test
Space Suits
Spad (Transparent)
Spad XIII French
Spark Plug Pinup Clock
Spirit of America
Spirit of St. Louis
Spitfire FR XVIIIE Clock
Spitfire Union Jack
Spitfire VB
Spitfires Over London
Splitting a Pair
Spunky IV
SR-71 at Sunset
SR-71 at the Pump
SR-71 Blackbird
SR-71 Blackbird at the Pump - Bob Gilliland
SR-71 Blackbird Clock
SR-71 Blackbird Over the Rockies
SR-71 Blackbirds on the Ramp
SR-71 Sled Driver
SR-71 Sled Driver - Bob Gilliland
SR-71 Sled Driver - Rich Graham
SR-71 Taxi's for Takeoff
SR-71 Trainer in at Sunset
SR-71A Blackbird signed by Bob Gilliland
Stairway to Heaven
Star of Africa
Star of the Show
Star of the Show
Steadfast Against All Odds (Pilot Signed)
Stemming the Tide at Sanananda Point
Sting of the Cobra
Stonewall Brigade
Stopped Cold
STRAFER - Mission to Kavieng
Strange Encounter - Rudy Augarten
Stratojet Shakedown
Strong Arm of Freedom
Struck by a Thunderbolt
Struck by Lightning
Sun Country B737
Sunset Buff (B-52H)
NEW Artist!

Sunset Recovery
Super Crusader
Super Cub's Day Off
Supermarine Spitfire MK-1a
Supersonic Countess
Supersonic Countess
Surprise Attack

Sustainment Excellence (B-2 Spirit)
T Birds Metal Sign
T Birds Vintage Metal Sign
Tacamo (E-6A)
Tahiti Takeoff
Taking the Scenic Tour
Taming Route Irish
Team Mates
Tech Lighting Bi-Plane
Temptress Earrings
Temptress Necklace
Textile/Nylon Jackets
The “General” A-2

The 28th Hour
The Animal
The B-3 Hooded Sheepskin Flight Jacket (LONG)
The B-36 Peacemaker
The Barnstormers - Kids at Play
The Baron
The Beginning (Pilot Signed)
The Beginning of the End
(One in Stock)

The Birthday Ride
The Black Avenger
The Blonde Knight
(Pilot Signed)
VERY Rare!

The Classic "Raider" Jacket
The Count (Pilot Signed)
The Crewman
The Decisive Moment
Signed by 23 "AVG" Flying Tigers!

The Dragon Tail Vintage Metal Sign
The Dragon Tail Vintage Metal Sign
The Eagle is Headed Home
The Fiftieth Mission
The Flaming Circle
The Fleets In
The Gauntlet
The Globemasters
The Glory Years
The Golden Triumvirate
The Green Thunderbolt
The Grey Ghosts
The Guardians
The Gull Plane
The Honolulu Clipper – Pacific Pioneer

The Hooded Ace
The Hornets Nest
The Hubble Space Telescope
The Hun
The Hunter Becomes the Hunted
The Jailbird Flight
The Joker
The Last Dogfight
The Last Flight Of Yellow Ten
The Last Mission
The Legacy Continues
The Light at Kilauea Point
The Long Green Line
The Morning Job
The New Rising Sun
The Night Stalker Legacy Lives
The Old Man's Ordeal
The Ordeal of Tondelayo
The Original "Cockpit Bomber B-3" Jacket
The Original "Cockpit Bomber B-3" Jacket (LONG)
The Patton B-3 Sheepskin Jacket
The Peacekeeper
The Photographer
Christian Kieffer

The Pilot
The Point
The Professionals
The Racing Age Metal Sign
The Racing Age Vintage Metal Sign
The Record Setter
The Red Destroyer
The Ride Back
The Ringmaster Vintage Metal Sign
The Ringmaster Vintage Metal Sign
The River Hawks
The Roaring 20's
The Seattle Daily Times, August 14, 1945
The Silver Bullet
The Silver Typhoon
The Stearman Leather Vest
The Sword and the Pen
The Sword and the Ploughshare
The Tainan Air Group - Air Show at Port Moresby
The Telsa Raiders
The Terror of Tassaforonga Point
Second in the USMC Series

The U-2 in Flight
The Untouchable
The Vanishing Dirigible
The White Death
The WIngs of Death
The XB-70 Valkyrie
There Went Number Ten – Frederick “Boots” Blesse
Though I be the Lone Survivor
Through the Pass
Thunder Bird Cufflinks
Thunderbolt Over Wewak
Thunderbolt Winged Oval Metal Sign
Tiger Fire
Tiger Shark
Tiger with a Tale
Tigers Claw Metal Sign
Tigers Claw Vintage Metal Sign
Tigers In The Valley
Tigers over China
Timeless Beauty
Timing is Everthing
Titanic Propellers with Coal Relic
To the Cosmos
Tokyo Sleeper
Tom Freeman
Tony Levier and the F-104 Starfighter
Too Close for Comfort
(Pilot Signed)

Top Gun
Tornado First Day Envelope
Tough Day
Tribute to a Lockheed Classic
Triple Play – Herman E. Ernst
Triple Threat
Tuskegee Airmen
Tuskegee Airmen signed by Charles McGee
Tuskegee Jacket
Twelve Pack and a Smoke-T-Shirt
Twilight Conquest
Twilight Gator
Two Majesties
Two Majesties
Two Majesties Artist Proofs
Two Ways to Fly Metal Sign
Two Ways to Fly Vintage Metal Sign
U-2 Sunset
U-2 Sunset

U.S. Air Force KC-135
U.S. Air Force KC-135 "Let's Roll"
U.S. Air Force Seal Clock
U.S. Navy C-40 (B737)
U.S.A.F First Reissue A-2 Since 1943 Jacket
U.S.A.F First Reissue A-2 Since 1943 Jacket (LONG)
Ulysses S. Grant with Civil War bullet
Unarmed and Unafraid
Uncle Sam Clock
Uncle Sam's Boys
Unique Videos
United "Stars & Bars" B-747 Nose, 1:50
United B720
Unlucky Seven – David McCampbell
US Air Force Clock
US Airways B-757 Nose, 1:20
US Military (Jet)
US Military (Prop)
US Navy Clock
US Navy Issue Mil Spec Type G-1 Jacket
US Navy Issue Mil Spec Type G-1 Jacket (LONG)
USA B17 Round Metal Sign
USAF Spirit Metal Sign
USAF Unleashed Metal Sign
USAF Warbirds Metal Sign
USN Unleashed Metal Sign
USS Macon
USS Midway Metal Sign (Lrg)
USS Midway Vintage Metal Sign
USS Midway Vintage Metal Sign (Med)
Varig B707
Very Important Painting
Victor First Day Envelope
Victory Flyover

Victory Jean Necklace
Victory Over Tanamerah Bay
Vintage Airspeed Indicator Thermometer
Vintage Altimeter Wall Clock
Vintage Artificial Horizon Wall Clock
Vintage Aviation
Vintage Aviation Metal Signs
Vintage Flight Propeller
(French Finish)

Vintage G-1 Jacket
Vintage G-1 Jacket without Patches
Vintage Instrument Coasters
Vintage Magazine Covers
Vintage Mustangs Vintage Metal Sign
Vintage Mustangs Vintage Metal Sign
Vintage Travel Posters
Vital Link
VMSB-244 "Bombing Banshees" - WW II
First in the USMC Series

Vol A Voile
Vought F4U Corsair
Vought Scout
Waikiki Sunrise
Wall Mounted Noses
Very Unique!

War Plane Ceiling Fans
War Weary
Warbird Pinup Girls
NEW Artist!

Wardrobe Stylist
Gili Kieffer

Warhawk Reef
We Can Do It Metal Sign
We Happy Few
We Have Returned
Weekend Warrior
Welcome Home, Yank
Welcome Little Brother
Wellington First Day Envelope
Westbound: A Date with the General
Western B727
Westland First Day Envelope
When Prayers are Answered
Whitley First Day Envelope
Wichita Classic
Wild Children
Wildcat Fury (Pilot Signed)
William S. Phillips
William S. Phillips - Biography
Wings for Victory
Wings Over Maulakula
Wishful Thinking Cuff Bracelet
Wolff's Requiem
Wolfpack Leader Downs Five
(Pilot Signed)

Woman's Razor Back Longer Length Tank
Women's B-3 Bomber Jacket
Women's G-1 Jacket
Women's Motor Cycle Jacket
Women's Raider Jacket
Women's TopGun Jacket
Wool Lined WWII American Tanker Jacket
World War II
World War II Aircrafts
Worldwide Warrior (E-3)
Wright Flyer
Wrong Place, Wrong Time
WWI Aircraft
WWI Laminated Propeller with Clock
WWI Planes
WWI Vintage Propeller - French (Lrg)
WWI Vintage Propeller - French (Sml)
WWI Wood Propeller (Lrg)
WWI Wood Propeller (Sml)
WWII Aircraft
WWII Amelia Around the World Flight Coat
WWII Bombers
WWII Fighters
WWII Government Issue A-2 Jacket
WWII Government Issue A-2 Jacket (Long)
WWII Photograph of "Hub" Zemke
WWII Planes
X-1 Glamorous Glennis NEW!
X-1B - Harness the Horsepower - "Pete" Everest Jr.
X-3 - Stiletto! - "Pete" Everest Jr.
X1-B Engine Engine Test
XB-70 "Valkyrie - Mach 3 @ 70,000 Feet"
XB-70 Over the Mountains
XB-70 Valkyrie
XB-70 Valkyrie with Landing Chutes
Yankee Warrior A-2 Flight Jacket
YB-49A Flying Wing signed by Bob Cardenas
Yeager’s First Jet – Charles E. Yeager
Yeager’s Last Military Flight – Charles E. Yeager
You Can Run...
Youth Bomber Jacket
Yoxford Boys on Call
Yukon Spring
Yukon Spring
Zemke's Wolfpack
Zeppelin, 1937
Zero Fighter Sweep
 – Kenneth A. Walsh
Zero w/ Japaneese Fighter Signatures
“Hermann Göring”: From Regiment to Fallschirmpanzerkorps
“We Wage War by Night”: An Operational and Photographic History of No.622 Squadron RAF Bomber Command

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